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Trust the experts at The Aeon Group, Inc. to provide you with the very best project management and system engineering services you could ever want. We have been proudly serving the Sacramento area since 1997, in which our team has provided superior project management and system engineering services to the State of California information technology projects. Contact us to request our project management, system engineering and information technology services.

About Us
The Aeon Group, Inc.
 is a respected supplier of project management, project management oversight, information technology project planning, procurement support, system analysis/design/development, and system engineering support to the state of California. Contact us today to request more information.

California Master Services Agreement (MSA)

MSA for Information Technology (IT) Consulting Services, MSA 5167010-204. We provide services in the following categories:

  • Senior Project Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Technical Lead
  • Technical Lead
  • Business Solutions Analyst
  • Senior Programmer
  • Programmer

California Master Agreement for Services (CMAS)

CMAS contracting vehicle (3-05-70-0437D) is also available. Categories include:

• IT Project Management
• IT Project Planning
• IT System Planning
• IT Process Reengineering
• IT Quality Assurance
• Software Engineering

• IT Requirements Analysis
• IT Strategic Planning
• IT System Implementation
• IT System Management
• IT Acquisition
• Application Development

We are a California Certified Small Business, ref# 0023790 
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